September 10, 2017

September 10, 2017

September 10, 2017

September 10, 2017

September 10, 2017

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September 10, 2017

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Good Vibrations

September 10, 2017


"Energetically speaking, all foods carry a particular vibration; poor quality equals poor digestion."


The body, being the physical manifestation of energetic intelligence, requires food that is in alignment with it's particular vibration. When it is fed the proper nutrition, healthy cellular activity happens spontaneously, allowing it to do the job it innately knows how to do...heal itself.


Our cells communicate with each other in a language all their own. When we "feel good" after consuming certain foods, it is a signal from our bodies that there is integration among the "whole", working toward a state of balanced health. Energetically speaking, all foods carry a particular vibration, and it is best to feed your body with the foods that best match your particular energetic signal. The quality of the food products you choose are equally important as poor quality equals poor digestion.


"Our personality traits carry a distinct vibration that corresponds to the food energy that is unique to our system."


Let's take a look at the Ayurvedic Systems five element approach to nutrition. In Ayruveda, it is believed that all matter and energy consist of the five elements...Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Ether. It is said that our personality traits carry a distinct vibration that corresponds to the food energy that is unique to our system. When we consider this, there is much truth to the saying, "we are what we eat."


Let's break it down into the five elements:


AIR- (breath and circulation) Corresponds with anxious, overly active personalities. Recommended foods include: citrus fruits, nuts, fermented foods, yogurt, acidophilus to balance intestinal tract health.


WATER- ( soft tissue: skin,muscle,etc) This element represents the highly emotional personality. Helpful foods include: water based foods such as celery, cucumber, green leafy, squashes and sea foods.


FIRE- ( heat of digestive system) Persons of great mental energies represented here... Seeds, grains, and legumes (all rich in proteins), replenish these energies.


EARTH- (solid, bone material) Persons who engage in hard physical labor require foods of this category to replenish their systems...Root vegetables such as potato, carrots, beets,and onions.


ETHER- (represented in all the joints) The Ether element responds to the way in which food is prepared. Vital nutrients can be removed during preparation, so steaming as opposed to boiling is preferred for vegetables.


Remember that this is just a general guide and everyone's digestive process is unique. So be mindful of the way your body "feels" after consuming certain foods and you will greatly assist yourself in your quest for balanced health. Happy munching!






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